JTBA Members fare well at 2018 Junior Gold Championships!


Dallas, TX……By now you have heard that Bryce Oliver, finished 3rd in the U20 Boys division, but other current & former JTBA members had a good week. U20 Bowler Justin O’Shaughnessy qualified 2nd for match play, but did not qualify for the TV show. However, Justin was selected to 2019 Junior Team USA. Also, having a good week was Drew Sacks, 21st place, 35th place Jonathan Kleer, 37th place Sean Martin, 58th place Alex Fleetwood, 59th place Jonathan Lovett. In the U15 Boys Division, Nolan Blessing qualified for match play in 5th place, Angelo Biondo qualified 12th. Ryan Hanzak, just missed match play finishing 20th place,

In the U20 Girls Division, last years champion, Allie Leiendecker finished 20th, Brogan Zengel 27th place, Brittany Ann O;Connell 39th place, Keirsten Schooler 56th place.

Finally, in the U15 Girls division Jillian Martin finished 10th place adn qualified for match play and Kirsten Moore finished 31st place.

Congrats to all JTBA Members for a great week in Dallas!


Dallas, TX

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